Choose a Survey

There are two main types of report that people tend to commission, though its important to note that firms like Spencer Bray will talk to you about what will best suit you and will provide bespoke advice that fits your needs.


The most common reports are the Homebuyer Survey and the more detailed Building Survey.


Essentially, the Homebuyer’s Report is geared to provide an overview of condition of the property together with a valuation. It does it by breaking the property down into its elemental parts (chimneys, roof, floors joinery etc) and giving clear and succinct comments about each part. It’s great for most types of property, particularly standard types of construction.


When you commission a Building Survey, you are buying more time Рusually more time from the surveyor on site and certainly more time in the preparation of the report. So, you get more analysis of the property; why it is the way it is; and more detail about what needs to be done and how you should go about it. This report is what you need for properties that have more unusual construction; are very large or old; or where you are aware that there are some issues and want the surveyor to spend longer looking into them for you.


Ring or email Spencer Bray to talk through the best report for you and we can send you a FREE GUIDE that will help you choose.