Specialist Reports


Many people have asked us over the years why surveyors recommend further reports – some see it as a negative thing. What their main issue has been, however, is not challenging the legitimacy of referring to a specialist, but surveyors who leave them high and dry with no guidance as to where to go. Ie who raise the question, but don’t tell you where to find the answer. A few points:



  • Rest assured that we will only recommend another professional’s view is needed if we believe it’s essential. Our style isn’t defensive and our surveyors are very experienced, so you get a definite and informed view on things to begin with.


  • Surveyors are a little like GP’s – sometimes you just have to make a referral to ensure that your client gets all that they need.


  • We always will be happy to make a recommendation, if possible. We want to help and see it as part of our service.


  • Our reports all contain a referral page informing you of Specialist Xpress. They are a firm who have been providing specialist reports for 20 years and are now recommended by many of the UK’s mainstream  banks and surveyor groups. Their reports cover all the inspections youre likely to need (electrical through to engineer) and they tend to be clear with definite conclusions. Mortgage Lenders accept the report they produce. Our experience is that they can get good quality reports back in hand in quick time. Contact Specialist Xpress via www.specialistxpress.com or 01367 240077