Maintaining your Home

A ‘stitch in time’ is never more appropriate than with reference to the maintenance of buildings.


During my career, I have seen many serious and expensive problems that stem from neglecting routine, basic repairs. I remember one case in particular where there was extensive dry rot. The source was linked to a rainwater downpipe that had failed and had been spilling water for some years. The rot cost tens of thousands to make good – the downpipe could have been fixed for less than £50.


On a less dramatic note, keeping our properties in good shape does help them perform their basic functions well. Providing a safe and watertight environment for us to enjoy is what we want them to do. So, regularly cleaning gutters to stop them blocking and overspilling, repairing areas where pointing is erroding, repairing or replacing softened window frames all have an importance.


If you have a report fron Spencer Bray, it will come with a guide that gives you basic maintenance items that you need to carry out each year – you can tick them off when done. 


If you have any doubts whether there might be things you should be doing, why not ask a surveyor to take a look and advise you – it would mean a modest outlay but could save much more. 


Posted by Peter Bray FRICS CBuildE. CABE