Legal Issues


We’re not lawyers and not trying to tell you what they should do.




Survey reports, though, can, and should, contain guidance as to concerns that might affect a property specifically.




For example, when a property has been extended, it is important that you have confirmation not only that correct consents (planning permission and building regulation approval) were obtained, but it’s also useful for you to know that there was a completion certificate issued. This document would be given by the Building Control inspector to confirm that the works were carried out in accordance with the submitted plans – a real piece of reassurance.




When the property is leasehold, there’s a number of issues that your conveyancer will need to look at on your behalf:


•Terms of the lease are critical – unexpired years etc
•Service charges
•A track record of charges over, say the last 5 years, is a very useful exercise
•Detailed breakdown of your responsibilities as tenant




So, look carefully at your survey advice for information that your conveyancer might use. It’s often helpful to send them through a copy of the report.