My father was in the Navy and it, on visits on board, it was quite a common sight to see ‘fluffy’ and textured asbestos insulation wrapped around pipework. Today, its presence is likely to be more subtle, though you would be surprised to find out how widely it has been used. 


For example, asbestos content is to be found in some roof slates; artex type ceiling and wall finishes; certain types of floor tiles; asbestos composites such as bath panels, WC cisterns, etc;


It is important not to react emotively to the thought that this potentially harmful material may be present – in most cases, and when managed appropriately, asbestos in a domestic property should offer minimal risk. 


It is essential, however, that you correctly identify what is there and for that you will need to have the opinion and help of a specialist or a surveyor, or other professional, who is competent in such matters. They will make an assessment of the material and advise you as to what action is appropriate. Disposal of asbestos is expensive and needs specialist input, but in many cases, you will be advised how to treat the material to avoid any health risks.