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Peter Bray

Peter Bray is a chartered building surveyor and chartered building engineer. He was MD of what was Black Horse Surveyors, formerly part of Lloyds Group. Peter is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Fellow of the Association of Building Engineers (ABE) for which he was selected to be a board member. Peter is also a member of the Society of the Institution of Engineering and Technology. Peter is a Registered Valuer and a member of the World Organization of Building Officials.

“We all know when we’ve experienced great service. Usually, it’s when a professional has a combination of two things:


  1. They have good knowledge and experience of their subject.

    1. They’re positive and helpful.



    At Spencer Bray, we gear our company around these two simple values.


    And so,

    – we recruit and train our staff with these aims in mind
    – we design our products to give strong technical advice in a helpful way; 
    – we believe that attitude is as important as knowledge;
    – we aim to talk to our clients, rather than talk down to them.


    The feedback I receive from happy clients confirms that these aims are worth pursuing.”


    Peter Bray

Spencer Bray is:


– Truly independent (not owned or allied to a Bank or corporate chain)


– Backed by Professional Indemnity Insurance for all its activities


– Regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.